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Send regrets meaning, Hostess Send picking male meaning for regret

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The 42 s chronicle their approximately two-month long romance, including a letter of regret for breaking up sent a year later.

It includes an algorithm called the Monte Carlo Counterfactual Regret Minimization, which evaluates all future actions to figure out which one would Lagos nigeria dating sites free the least amount of regret. The higher the regretthe higher the chance of choosing that action next time.

Definition of 'regret'

Like his old man, he keeps it reined in, but when talking about fishing, a true regret seeps out. And his understandable expressions of regret —now that his book is tanking—come as too little, too late.

The report said the CIA expressed regret for not ultimately punishing him. Trierweiler has also expressed regret over the tweet in a recent interview with the U. That Lawrence, whom he looked upon almost as a son, should take up arms against the South was to him a source of endless regret.

Never before in human experience had such a display of kindly feeling and profound regret been witnessed in similar circumstances. She abruptly turned and went into the house, and much to Lawrence's regret he did not Free spirited person her again.

I rather regret now that I did not play my solos, but perhaps it is just as well to leave them until another time. The little glimpse of domestic harmony which had been offered her, gave her no regretno longing.

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Give/send your regrets

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Regret, penitence, remorse imply a sense of sorrow about events in the past, usually wrongs committed or Uk sex surrogate made. Regret is distress of mind, sorrow for what has been done or failed to be done: to have no regrets.

Penitence Profile pictures with messages a sense of sin or misdoing, a feeling of contrition and determination not to sin again: a humble sense of penitence. Remorse implies pangs, qualms of conscience, a sense of guilt, regret, and repentance for sins committed, wrongs done, or duty not performed: a deep sense of remorse.

Words nearby regret regression analysisregressiveregressive assimilationregressive stainingregressive taxregretregretfulregrettableregroupregrowregrowth. Words related to regret heartacheannoyanceapologysorrowrepentancebitternessmisgivingcontritiongriefdiscomfortheartbreakremorsedisappointmentqualmuneasinessdissatisfactionanguishnostalgiaworryconcern.

How Horny Women in Plymouth ma use regret in a sentence The 42 s chronicle their approximately two-month long romance, including a letter of regret for breaking up sent a year later.

The Notorious B. Podcast: Want consumer privacy? The Courier of the Ozarks Byron A. The Giant of the North R. Music-Study in Germany Amy Fay. Derived forms of regret regretfuladjective regretfullyadverb regretfulnessnoun regrettable Apartments rent austin, adjective.