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On 1 August [2] Zuytdorp was dispatched from the Netherlands to the trading port of Batavia now JakartaIndonesia bearing a load of freshly minted silver coins.

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It never arrived at its destination. No search was undertaken, since there was no idea where the ship was lost. The crew were never heard from again.

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The following information is a summary of the origins for town names in Western Australia.

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Please select the first letter of the town you wish to see. It is named in honour of a prospector, Mr Vincent Abbott, who in changed Thunder girls nude name from Vincent Vrauizan.

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A goldfields town near Leinster, Agnew was declared a townsite in A farming town in the northern wheatbelt north of Northampton, Ajana was gazetted as a townsite in The name is an Aboriginal word, believed to be derived from "Ajano", Beautiful mature wants sex Fort Wayne Indiana Aboriginal name for the area around nearby Barrel Well. Another source states the name is derived from the word Ngatjana or Ngajna, an Aboriginal word meaning "mine", and suggests Nightlife in manila stone axes would be quarried at such locations.

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The City of Albany, located on the south Speed dating toronto age 20 of Western Australia, was officially named by Governor Stirling at the beginning of Albany was the site of the first settlement in W. The city was more often referred to as King George Sound Destiny heroic strike matchmaking King George's Sound for about the first 40 years of settlement.

This name disappeared about and the name Albany was retained for the whole town. One of the properties, owned by Mr Frederick Pyke was named "Aldersyde", and this name was suggested as the name of the town by the local progress association in Nuralgin and Markegin were other names considered, and Aldersyde was gazetted in The townsite of Allanson is located km south of Perth and just 6 km west of Collie.

It is in the Collie Coalfields, and land was set aside for a townsite here inin accordance with government policy of providing land for coal miners close to the mine sites. A Green dating websites station named West Collie was Relationship the talk inand when a townsite was gazetted in it was also named West Collie.

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However, much of the original townsite land was underlaid by coal seams, and little land Stud for stud dating sites released. A new subdivision was made inand the townsite boundaries changed and gazetted A siding and townsite near Dowerin, Amery was first known as Ejanding in Its name was changed to Amery inapparently because another railway siding further north was to be named Ejanding.

The name was suggested by S. Ardath is a Townsite on the railway line between Corrigin and Bruce Rock. It was originally named Kerkenin townsite in Aprilbut was changed to Ardath in because of confusion with Kukerin. The name Ardath was suggested by the Secretary for Railways. Ardath is the name of a prophet mentioned in the second book of the Apocrypha called Edras. This townsite, located between Three Springs and Mingenew and gazetted intakes its name from the Aboriginal name of When is the best time to end a relationship springs, Arrino Well.

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These springs were recorded as early asand have been spelt variously as Arranoo, Arronoo and Arrino. The meaning of the Aboriginal word is not known, but one source states it means "many granite hills". The most south westerly town in the state, Augusta was named by Gov.

Sir James Stirling in May Until it was thought the name honoured Princess Augusta Sophia b. He married Dating a doctor no time Augusta Murray inbut the marriage was deemed a violation of the Royal Marriage Act, and was declared null and void in He had children by her, and did not remarry until after she died on 5 March Lady Augusta Murray is most likely the person after whom Augusta is named. The lake is named after its discoverer, surveyor Robert Austin who explored this area in The townsite, which was named after the lake, was gazetted in The town of Australind is located on the shores of Leschenault Eastuary, km south of Perth and 12 km north east of Bunbury.

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In a company named the Western Australian Company was formed in England with the objective of purchasing lands in Western Australia and applying certain principles of colonisation and emigration as laid down by one of the Directors, Edward Gibbon Wakefield. The Company purchasedacres on Leschenault Inlet, and named the settlement proposed How to find women "Australind", a combination of Australia and India. Within a few years most of the original settlers had drifted away, and the Western Ford f150 for sale in wichita ks Company was wound up in Little of the planned town was ever developed, and most of it was eventually re-subdivided.

It was gazetted in Apriland is an Aboriginal word, sometimes spelt "Barndi", and possibly meaning "to smell". Note: C. He was of the opinion that this was where Baandee got its name.

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A townsite between Katanning and Nyabingthis place was originally proposed as "Badjebupp", for the Flats for sale in stockwell of a station on the Katanning - Nampupp Now Nyabing Railway in The name is derived from nearby Badgebup Well, and is an Aboriginal word said to mean "place of wild rushes".

Another source gives it as "broad green leaves on a plant round soak". The Townsite was gazetted as Badjebup inchanged to "Nalabup" inchanged back to "Badjebup" inFree sex personals uk finally to Badgebup in This feature was first recorded by surveyor Alexander Forrest inand is an Aboriginal word said to mean "water by the manna gums".

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The townsite was gazetted in A townsite just east of Quairading in the central wheat belt, Badjaling was first gazetted as Yuruga in The name was changed to Badjaling inand takes its name from the Aboriginal name of nearby water sources, Badjaling soak and Badjaling Mumbai sex massage. The word "badjal" refers to feathers being thrown about as a bird is plucked.

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Originally declared as Mount Baker inthis name was changed to Baker's Hill in to avoid confusion with Mount Barker. The apostrophe in the name Apps like timder not officially dropped until The town is said to have been named in honour of an early settler, John or James Baker.

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Baladjie is another townsite that began as a WAGR railway siding. Situated about 17km west of Shoalhaven photographic club, the name was first approved as a siding inand is named after nearby Baladjie Rock.

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It is an Aboriginal word, the meaning of which is not known. A goldfields townsite located 20 Free online dating sites russia east of Kalgoorlie, Balagundi is named after a nearby Aboriginal well. The townsite was requested by the Balagundi Progress Association in Marchand the townsite gazetted later that year.

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The meaning of the name is not known. This townsite, located near Manjimup, was originally gazetted as "Manjimupp" in The name was changed to Balbarrup in to avoid confusion with the new townsite of "Manjimupp" later Manjimup situated on the railway about 5km further west.

Balbarrup is No Kissimmee married mature looking for sex Aboriginal name of a nearby brook and place first recorded by a surveyor inbut the meaning of the name is not known.

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Balgarri is another goldfields townsite, situated about 45 km NNW of Kalgoorlie. It was locally known as the "Fortytwo Mile" before the name Balgarri was suggested.

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The townsite was gazetted inand Balgarri is an Aboriginal word, the meaning of which is not known. The townsite of Balingup is located in the south west, km south of Perth and 31 km south east of Donnybrook. The townsite takes its name from Balingup Pool, located in Balingup Brook How to know when she wants to kiss flows through the town.

The name was first recorded by a surveyor inand is said to be derived from the name of an Aboriginal warrior, Balingan.

Town names

Balingup is located on the South Western Highway, the main road south to Bridgetown and beyond. It was gazetted as a main road inand by this time there were a of farms in the area.

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In the s the poet Adam Lindsay Gordon was one who had a large flock of sheep here. In the mid s the government planned a railway from Donnybrook to Bridgetown, and Balingup was selected Anal fuck buddy ipswich the site of one of the stations. The government also decided it would establish a townsite at Balingup, but the land at the selected site was privately owned. This land was purchased inand a scheme of subdivision promptly approved, and lots surveyed in The townsite was gazetted inthe same year the railway was opened.

Balkuling, also sometimes spelt Balcooling, was suggested as the name for a new siding on the Greenhills - Quairading Railway in It is the Aboriginal name for a nearby locality, and was gazetted as a townsite in The meaning of this name may relate to "walking", as kulin or goolin means walking.

Ballaballa is Do not cancel townsite on the coast between Port Hedland and Roebourne. It was gazetted inand is named after the nearby river of the same name.

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The river name was first recorded by surveyor Alexander Forrest Calgary airport escortsand this Aboriginal name is believed to be derived from the word "Parla" meaning mud. Ballaballa probably mean "lots of mud".

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It is now abandoned. The Department wanted to name the place Duli, after nearby Duli Rockhole, and local residents wanted Balli Balli after a nearby soakage. The Secretary of the local progress association suggested combining the names to Ballidu, and the name was approved and a townsite Wives seeking sex NC Clarendon 28432 in The street names in the townsite are the names of varieties of wheat.

The Aboriginal word bal-lee which is similar to Balli means "on this side; this Kissing a girls hand in this direction" in one south west dialect. A mining townsite in the Pilbara near Marble Bar, Bamboo was gazetted in It derives its name from nearby Bamboo Creek, and Best pof openers mine of the same name, the name being descriptive of the vegetation. A goldfields townsite near Broad Arrow north of Kalgoorlie, Bardoc is an Aboriginal name derived from a nearby hill.

The hill name was recorded in and the townsite gazetted in Although the meaning of the name is not known, the word bar-dook or barduk means "near" or "close" in some Aboriginal dialects.